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Where can you find customer support?

In a rigorous quest to offer a high-value residential phone offering with zero service costs.

  1. We built the service to be easy to use and self-provisioning.
  2. We do NOT offer any direct Email support.
  3. We do NOT offer any Telephonic Customer support.
  4. Help is available via our Online Forum .

The platform is well built and stable, so with a little bit of effort or help from a friend, if needed, everything you need to get up and running and use the service is available to you via our FAQ Online Knowledge Base and  Online Forum .

Support is also available directly from Partner ISPs who offer this product bundled with their FTTH or LTE home (fixed) offering, if you obtained the service from your ISP please contact them for telephonic or email support.

Important Emails and Links

  1. For all questions related to Fresh PHONE please visit the ONLINE COMMUNITY FORUM
  2. For problems relating to porting requests: [email protected]
  3. For problems related to online payment or billing: [email protected]

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