Only geographical numbers can be ported(e.g. 021, 031, 010 etc)

Porting costs R135 excluding VAT

We endeavour to make our porting process as user friendly as possible, with easy to follow, step by step instructions.

To start the porting process please login to your TMS: https://tms.freshphone.co.za/

– Select your account
– Select DID manager on the right hand panel
– Select “Port my geographical number”
– Follow the prompts and complete the porting application form
– Upload all documents and submit your submission.

Please DO NOT cancel your line with your current provider, only cancel it once the port has been successful, The provider will receive a port out notification and they should automatically cancel your line, however always best to follow up with a call to them to confirm the cancellation on the line.

Please note we cannot cancel any other services on your account we are only authorized to cancel the number requested to port, any other services which need to be cancelled will need to be cancelled with the provider directly.

Porting takes 7 – 21 working days.

Our porting authorities then have 7 working days to get back to us with port date options.

If we have not received feedback within 7 working days we will escalate the port daily until we receive confirmation of acceptance or rejection.

Once we have confirmed the port date you will be notified.

Your number/s will then port between 17:00 – 23:59 on the given date.

The following scenarios can result in the rejection of your port request:

  1. You have ported the same number/s within the last two months
  2. There is an outstanding payment on your account
  3. Your telephone number is not a number which is allowed to be ported e.g. it is a non-geographical number
  4. You provided your preferred Service Provider with an incorrect account number for your current telephone service.
  5. You are not the legitimate owner of the telephone number/s
  6. You requested porting of a block of telephone numbers, but there are numbers in the block allocated to other subscribers; or
  7. You are relocating beyond the exchange boundaries of your current Network Operator (If this is the case, please DO NOT advise your current Service Provider that you will be moving.

Wholesale and ADSL lines:


When a line is cancelled all Telkom services (ie ADSL) running over that line are also cancelled, if you have not stated that you wish to keep the additional functionality.

Therefore, on the authorisation letter there is a section where you will state that you wish to keep or forfeit the DSL functionality, we will then request that Telkom assign a new number for the ADSL, if you have chosen to keep the ADSL functionality.

Wholesale lines

If you wish to keep the wholesale line active a replacement number will be provided. Should you wish to forfeit the line you will first need to cancel with your current internet provider before your number can be ported.

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