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SIP Compatible Devices

Please note freshphone does not sell or provide any telephonic or email support in relation to the phones you purchase from 3rd party retailers. We provide support in the way of help videos and guides as well as our online Forum. Our design is to provide a highly functional, reliable and cost effective platform with all the information required to use it online. In this way we can charge you absolutely no service fees at all. You only pay freshphone for the calls you make which are billed per second, ensuring you receive the maximum value for your money all the time.

Below is a list of recommended SIP Phones which are available from 3rd parties. freshphone does not sell SIP Phones.

Geographic Number Porting is available for a once-off cost of R135 excluding VAT.

DECT Cordless Phones

Yealink W56P

Suggested retailer

ATA (analogue telephone adapter)

Grandstream HT802

Suggested retailer

Mobiles and Desktops

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