Free Home Phone Service Costs

  • Zero sign up costs
  • Zero monthly costs
  • Zero cancellation costs

Our free home phone service works with any Internet Service Provider ISP offering FTTH and Fixed LTE. You can move between service providers and your home phone remains working seamlessly.

Geographic Number Porting

Geographic Number Porting is available for a once-off cost of R135 excluding VAT.

Calling Rates

Local Destinations

Effective from the 1st of March 2020

DestinationPrefixStandard RatesBilling Increment
Freshphone to FreshphoneAllFreeFree
Telkom Local and NationalAllR 0.39 per min Pure Per Second
All Cellular NetworksAllR 0.69 per minPure Per Second

International Destinations

Download our International destination calling rates PDF here

Important Points

  • The call rates are quoted including VAT.
  • You only pay for the calls you make which are billed per second.
  • Making calls uses bandwidth/data. 1 hour  (60min) of talking uses approximately 15 to 20Mb of data.
  • The call rates above cover almost all possible calls but they are not exhaustive.  If you call any unlisted numbers such as 086,  other voip providers or premium rated numbers you will be billed fairly but at the associated call rate.