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Get a Fresh new home phone! One that works over Fibre to the Home (FTTH) and Fixed Home LTE. Freshphone has been specifically developed to allow you to still have a regular home phone, while your traditional analogue phone disappears.

Why use a VOIP phone from Freshphone?

Get ready to pay zero monthly fees (no additional line costs, beyond your Fibre (FTTH) or Fixed Home LTE). Pay less for calls, have improved functionality, not be tied to a connectivity service providers and to throw away that dreadful old telephone!

Sure, we all have cell phones now, but the cost of using it for what it was designed for, such as making calls is high, especially when calling friends and family overseas. VOIP phones are the smart alternative.

Cost Features

  • Free sign up and zero monthly fees – say goodbye to additional monthly line costs.
  • Only pay for the calls you actually make.
  • Low cost calling locally and internationally.
  • Calls are billed pure per second with no connection fees or minimum costs.
  • Calls to all other Freshphone users is 100% FREE.

Functionality Features

  • Call forwarding – forward calls to your mobile or an alternate number.
  • Activate Pin Protected Dialling – protect dialling out by having to enter a PIN.
  • Setup your CallerID – this gives you the option of using you mobile number to receive calls.
  • Black lists – restrict certain numbers from being able to be dialled.
  • White lists – always allow certain numbers to be dialled.
  • Country lists – restrict or allow certain countries from being dialled.
  • Personal voice mail greetings.
  • Receive voice mail via email, dial in or via the online portal.
  • Enable or disable voice mail entirely.

Account Features

  • Port your current geographic telephone number for a once off cost of R285 including VAT.
  • Top up your Air Time online with a Mastercard or Visa credit card.
  • View your current Air Time balance.
  • View all outbound (calls dialled) calls and their billed cost.
  • Use contact to see friendly names in outbound call history.
  • View all inbound calls (calls received).
  • Each account is limited to 2 simultaneous calls.
  • Each account is limited to 1 international call at a time.

What do I need to use Freshphone?

  1. An uncongested Internet connection such as Fibre to the Home (FTTH) or Fixed Home LTE.
  2. A SIP Phone – see here for our recommended phone options available from 3rd parties.
  3. An online account with Fresh PHONE with zero service costs – SIGN UP HERE
  4. A pdf or jpg scan of your ID and Proof of Residence to upload to your account for RICA approval.
  5. A Mastercard or Visa card to purchase prepaid air time.
  6. A little bit of tech savvy or friend or family member to help add your Fresh PHONE account to your SIP Phone.

Ready for a new home phone experience?