Freshphone – Disrupting the Home Phone Market!

Euphoria Telecom has launched a disruptive home phone service that works over Fiber (FTTH) and Fixed Home LTE called Fresh PHONE

Fresh PHONE was built to solve a growing problem as Fibre to the Home (FTTH) and Fixed Home LTE rolls out to more neighbourhoods in South Africa. What to do about the Home Phone? Do you keep a Telkom landline for calls or opt for a bundled option that comes with the Fiber (FTTH) service.  We say no, instead

Choose Fresh PHONE for these reasons:

  • Simple and quick online sign up.
  • FREE (R0.00) sign up, monthly or cancellation costs. (TRY IT!)
  • Fresh PHONE to Fresh PHONE and Euphoria calls are 100% FREE.
  • 69c p/min to including VAT to all mobile networks, billed per second.
  • 39c p/min to including VAT to Telkom landlines, billed per second.
  • Get R5 free air time on completion of online signing up process to test out the system.
  • Call any number in the world with great call quality and low costs.
  • It is an Independent solution – you can move internet service providers and keep your Fresh PHONE service. You can even move to a new Home and keep your Fresh PHONE service.
  • Easy to use, well designed self-help online portal to manage your account.
  • Prepaid service simply top up online with your Mastercard or Visa card.
  • It is built on Euphoria Telecom’s award winning platform.

Fresh PHONE offers modern and easy to use functionality including:

  • Call forwarding – divert calls to any number
  • Voicemail to Email – no more dialling in to retrieve voice messages.
  • Activate pin dialling to prevent abuse of the phone.
  • Comprehensive dialling protection, or block certain numbers from being dialled
  • Allow / Disallow International countries from being dialled.
  • View /track all the inbound and outbound calling activity on your account.
  • Keep your existing landline number and port your current geographic telephone number at a once off cost of R150 incl. VAT

When you compare Fresh PHONE’s zero service fees, easy to use and useful functionality, free Fresh PHONE to Fresh PHONE calls, high quality and low calling costs locally and internationally and the fact that it is an independent service, it really is hard to beat.

In our quest to offer a free (R0.00) service cost residential phone service – Fresh PHONE does not offer any direct telephonic or email support. Management of your phone is done from the comfort of your laptop or PC at home. No costs for technicians to activate or deactivate these features for you, you can do it yourself. A host of online resources and an active support forum is available to help you every step of the way.  If you do need a bit of help to setup your actual PHONE, simply ask a family member or friend.

Fresh PHONE works with VoIP compliant soft phones or with VoIP compliant physical phones. See here for our list suggested Phones. We are currently negotiating with major online and bricks & mortar retailers to make it simpler for you to purchase physical phones. Fresh PHONE does not sell any hardware or software phones.

Stop giving out your mobile number to the pizza delivery company. Stop being interrupted at work by the furniture delivery company. Stop being marketed to by a multitude of big brands. Give them your Fresh PHONE home telephone number and you never have to worry about receiving those unwanted calls and advertisements on your mobile again.

We’ve come a long way from the days of waiting for a landline to be installed at your home, then waiting for technicians to setup our home phones. Fresh PHONE gives you all of this in half the time, it’s all done at zero service fees!

Visit the website at – Sign Up and try it out for Free Today!