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Your VOIP service provider: Who is behind Freshphone?

Euphoria Telecom who built South Africa’s first true cloud business telephone system has now launched Fresh PHONE. The main aim is to offer an easy to use, highly functional and low-cost Residential Phone service for South Africans.

The growing Fibre to the Home (FTTH) and Fixed LTE for home services has increased the demand for a VOIP service provider like Fresh PHONE significantly.

The Vision for the Fresh PHONE is:

  • It has no strings attached, no hidden charges, no smoke and mirrors.
  • It has easy to use functionality for the home phone that just works.
  • You can change ISP and keep your Fresh PHONE account.
  • You can change your address and keep your Fresh PHONE account.
  • It has zero sign up, monthly or cancellation service fees.
  • It can keeps service costs at zero as it is designed as a self-help system
  • It offers no direct telephonic or email support.
  • It only offers support only via an Online FORUM and help guides.
  • Has low cost calling for local and international calls.
  • Is a pure pay as you go model for calls.
  • The clear choice for a modern residential phone system.